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Groups in Germany:

Markus Riederer's group, Universität Würzburg

Jörg Schönherr's group, Universität Hannover

Klaus Lendzian's group, Technische Universität München

Wilhelm Barthlott's group, Universität Bonn

Klaus Haas's group, Universität Hohenheim



Groups elsewhere in Europe:

Gerhard Kerstiens, Lancaster University

Jonathan Weyers, University of Dundee

K. P. Beckett, University of Sussex

Antonio Heredia, Universidad de Málaga

Madeleine S. Günthardt-Goerg
Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research



Groups in the USA and Canada:

James D. Batteas, City University of New York

Virginia Berg, University of Northern Iowa

Sanford Eigenbrode's Chemical Ecology Program, University of Idaho

Karl E. Espelie, University of Wisconsin

Kenneth A. Feldmann, Ohio State University

David A. Danehower, North Carolina State University

Richard H. Grant, Purdue University

Matthew A. Jenks, Purdue University

Bertrand Lemieux, York University (Canada)

Martha A. Mutschler, Cornell University

Chris R. Somerville, Stanford University

Ruth E. Stark, City University of New York

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2. Abstracts etc.:


Cuticular Permeability and Transport Processes

P Baur, H Marzouk and J Schönherr:

A Buchholz, P Baur and J Schönherr:

EP Hamerlynck and AK Knapp:

V Hauke and L Schreiber:

SP Hoad, J Grace and CE Jeffree:

G Kerstiens:

S Merk, A Blume and M Riederer:

S Niederl, T Kirsch, M Riederer and L Schreiber:

EC Reynhardt:

S Roy et al:

L Schreiber, K Schorn and T Heimburg:


Environmental Effects on Cuticular Properties

JD Barnes, KE Percy, ND Paul, P Jones, CK McLaughlin, PM Mullineaux, G Creissen and AR Wellburn:

EA Graham and PS Nobel:

J Hovorka and GB Marshall:

G Kerstiens, SA Moody and ND Paul:

H Sase, T Takamatsu and T Yoshida:

M Turunen et al.:


Molecular Biology and Biosynthesis of Waxes and Cutin

P Comménil, L Belingheri, G Bauw and B Dehorter:

LMW Dellaert:

MD Deng, S Peng and B Lemieux:

G Donini et al.:

MMS Evans, HJ Passas and RS Poethig:

F Hochholdinger, W Hetz and G Feix:

B Hollenbach, L Schreiber, W Hartung and K-J Dietz:

JB Ohlrogge and JB Jaworski:

AM Rashotte and KA Feldmann:


Plant-Insect and Plant-Microbe Interactions Involving Shoot Surface Compounds

SR Anderson:

P Commenil, L Brunet and JC Audran:

SD Eigenbrode, C White and M Rohde:

SD Eigenbrode and KE Espelie:

W Federle, U Maschwitz, B Fiala, M Riederer and B Hölldobler:

Y Hegde and PE Kolattukudy:

H Heinzen et al.:

D Knoll and L Schreiber:

PJ Maloney, PJ Albert and AP Tulloch:

M Schwab, G Noga and W Barthlott:

RD Simon, A Abeliovich and S Belkin:


Other Topics

W Barthlott, C Neinhuis, I Theisen and F Ditsch:

R Jetter, S Schäffer and M Riederer

RL Maynard and TM Sterling:

TC Pesacreta and KH Hasenstein:

DJ Undersander, CH Naylor and PS Baenzinger:

Pages from Peter v. Sengbusch's Botany Online:

... and not to be missed:
  Sinikka Komulainen's  Chatting on a Leaf Surface

The selection of titles shown above is, unavoidably, somewhat arbitrary and I'm sure I have overlooked many papers worth listing. I have mainly tried to reflect the width of cuticle-related topics rather than attempting  to achieve completeness. Only articles with freely accessible abstracts have been included. Please send suggestions for further listings to g.kerstiens@lancaster.ac.uk.

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Abstracts of the 1996 SEB conference session 
Plant Cuticles - an Integrated Functional Approach  (mirror siteInfo on book

Abstracts of the 1997 Symposium 
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plant Fatty Acids and Glycerolipids


NSF Award Abstracts


U.S.D.A. Agricultural Research Service pre-publication notices

(I'm sorry that the USDA list is out of date. The URLs simply change too frequently.)

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